The new way to say yes at 'House of Coco

P  O  L  I  C  I  E  S    &  P  R  O  C  E  D  U  R  E  S

OHHH we are so excited to get back to opening the doors of the boutique and we are looking forward to greeting Past, Present and Future brides to meet our stylists.

But we have tweaked the way we move and grove in your bridal appointments to ensure the safety of yourself,

family, friends and our wonderful team of coco gals.

A P P O I N T M E N T   C H A N G E S

  1. All brides will be able to attend their appointment with ONLY three guests including the bride . This will allow for the stylists to safely conduct your appointment. If brides arrive with more than 3 guests including themselves, w will kindly need to cancel your appointment.

  2. All guests will be required to clean/sanitise their hands prior to entering the boutique, cleaning stations are available to all customers throughout the store. Masks will be available for all guests, you are more than welcome to provide your own mask.

  3. We are requiring all guests to arrive at the same time as we are operating with one appointment at a time system, therefore please ensure you arrive on time for your appointment as we will not be able to extend your time with your stylist.

  4. Bridal parties will not be able to enter in to the building earlier than their appointment time as pre-cleaning will need to be carried out before ALL appointments are conducted.

  5. Once an appointment has begun your Coco Stylist will lock the front door to ensure no one walks into the building unattended. If a guest needs to leave the building please let your Coco Stylist know so they can unlock the door and assist you.

  6. All Coco Staff will be required to wear a mask through out the appointment to respect the health and safety measures .

  7. Throughout the appointment, we respectfully ask all guests to stay seated and not touch any gowns, accessories, veils, or other merchandise in the store. This is to limit the amount of people each item comes into contact with. Your Coco Stylist will be available to pull any items a bride is interested in seeing or trying on.


T H I N G S   TO  T A K E   N O T E ...

As you know house of coco bridal is our pride and joy, keeping our boutique clean and tidy is our thing and we will be cleaning after every appointment and the following:

  • Between each appointment we will conduct a thorough cleaning of the dressing room as well as seating area including, but not limited to: disinfectant on all the furniture, hangers and dresses, disinfectant wipes to all surfaces, etc.

  • UV cleaning of all dressing will be done after each appointment.

  • Coco Stylists will be required to wear masks and gloves for the duration of the appointment with a new set of gloves being worn once an appointment is over.

  • Disinfecting the credit card machine and reception area

  • Providing hand sanitizer throughout the store for brides and their guests to utilize at anytime during their appointment

  • Although we will be providing masks we are hoping we are able to keep our supply going.  If possible please bring with you a disposable mask for you to use throughout the duration of your appointment 

  • Although we all all about love & hugs, limiting physical interaction will be in place to ensure the safety of our loved ones.

  • Please limit the amount of in-store visits you make, including the number of appointments you have in one day. Deciding to purchase your gown on your first visit will ensure you do not need to come to the store for additional appointments.

  • We want all of our brides to enjoy the process of purchasing their gown, in order to prioritise brides who are getting married within the next 12 months, we kindly ask for brides to only book an appointment if they are ready to purchase their gown.

  • We kindly ask you to reschedule your appointment if you are feeling unwell, have symptoms, or have come in contact with COVID-19 in the past 14 days. We also ask if a member of your party is feeling these symptoms they do not attend.

  • Please call 0121 236 0390 to reschedule your appointment if you are feeling unwell.

We love you all and although these are uncertain times we want to be able to share this 

experience with you as safe as possible. Yes, appointments will be a a little way different but our mission 

and goal to make all of our curvy brides fabulous and feel amazing will always remain our story.

If you have any questions please go not hesitate to give us a call on 

0121 236 0390.